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True facts of the common cat myths you should know

True facts of the common cat myths you should know

You may have heard many myths about cats, but did you believe them then, and now do you know the true facts? Today, we will show you some popular cats myths that just are not true.

  1. Cats can see things under completely dark environment

Cats can see much more clearly than human in dim environment like at dusk and dawn, but do know that it doesn’t mean they can see things in total darkness. Due to the perfect structure of their eyes, cats eyes can gather light and intensify it in the back of their eye in a membrane. So that they need only about one-sixth of the light that humans need to see clearly in dim environment.

Cats can not see perfectly in total dark environment but they can see with a few light.

  1. All cats hate water

Most cats dislike water because their coat could get wet and that could hinder their actions out of emergency, and that could be fatal to hunters in wild environment. Most cats do like running water like water from the faucet, and they perceive running water as alive prey and play with it with hands.

But not all species dislike water, such as Bengal, Maine Coon, and they are more likely to enjoy water.

  1. Cats are solitary animals and always like to stay alone

In ancient times, dogs live in family group while cats live alone, so in some extent, cats are solitary creatures by their nature. But domesticated cats can form very close bonds to their owners and other animals. Sometimes they want to be alone, but most of the time they want to stay with their owners. So you can see cats lay on the table/keyboard, or crawl on owners’ arm when owners are working. And they could have separation anxiety when their owners leave for work or travel.

  1. Declawing cats is not harmful

Declawing cats is not like you trimming your fingernails, and it could bring lasting problems to cats. What’s more, declawing to a cat is more like cutting the last knuckle of each finger to human. If a cat is declawed, it feels pain in the paw and it is also easy to get infections, and back pain.

If your cat is destroying things with its nail, please do not declaw your cats. Instead, train it patiently to use its nail with manner.